Sunday was also a great day becuase Will got to play with his new dump truck that Ross bought him and he got to play basketball with his grandpa!

Here is a picture of all of the moms (and soon to be mom) on the deck at the cabin. It was so nice to just sit outside and enjoy the scenery.
I think that Will and Finley make a pretty cute couple! This picture will be great black-mail in a few years!

It is so fun to see all of the kids together! They have such a great time just watching eachother. Taylin always does such a great job at being the babysitter!
Lindsay, Finley, and Taylin rode with us up to the cabin. We thought that it was so cute to see all three kids with matching car seats!

What a Weekend!

Wow, this past weekend just flew by! With such busy weeks it seems like the weekend is never long enough to cram in all of the fun activities we have planned. This weekend was no exception. Will and I spent Saturday cleaning the house and running errands, while Ross was hard at work mowing lawns. Then Saturday night we went as a family up to Sam and Jessica's cabin in Midway. We had such a great time!

Will playing in the water with his friends!

Will and Matthew with their matching hair-dos at the Art Festival.

Our Very First Posting! June 22, 2007

Today was a very fun day for Will and I! We were able to go to the Utah Arts Festival with Samantha, Matthew, and Aubree. Will's favorite thing to do at the festival was drink an entire Strawberry-Bananna smoothie. After the Art Festival Will went to his friends Mason and Cooper's house to play in their pool. Later on Ross, Will, and I went to dinner at Jason's Deli with the Ream's and then we went and got snow cones at Snoasis.