Utah Museum of Natural History

Today we went to the Museum of Natural History with my mom, grandma, Mason, and Chance. We had a great time looking at the dinosaur and frog exhibits. After the museum we went to 7-11 and Will got his very first Slurpee. Of course he loved it!


I am so excited that Steph is in town from Florida! I have missed having her around so much! She is such an amazing friend and I wish that we could see eachother more often! Since she is here we decided that it would be fun to go up the canyon for dinner. My family went along with Steph's sister, Jenny, and her family. It was so fun to get together and enjoy the cool weather up the canyon.

Friday July 6th

We had a very busy, but fun day on Friday. Will and I went to Jungle Jim's with my mom, Mason and Cooper. Will had a great time! Like always his favorite ride was the rockets. Then a little later we went to Gateway to meets the Reams and the Millers for dinner at Z Tejas. After dinner Lindsey and I did some shopping, while Vic and Ross watched the kids.

Will Loves the Beach!

After the wedding on Saturday we went to Newport beach to spend a couple of days. We had such a great time! Ross loved having Will to play with at the beach, and I loved it because I did not have to entertain Ross the whole time!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Riley!!

Last Wednesday I went to California to spend a couple of days with Debbie, before her wedding! I had such a great time! We went shopping, got our hair done, worked on favors for the wedding, had a bachelorette party, and lots of other fun things. It was really hard for me to be away from Ross and Will, but I had a great time! I am so excited for Debbie and Bob. They seem so happy together!