Last Friday was a big day for Will. We started the day by going to Jessica Lamberts house for a Valentine's party. It was so much fun! We made yummy sugar cookies and had a great lunch. Will had a great time with all of his little friends. The cookies were so good that he couldn't even wait to finish decorating it before he took a big bite! Later that night we took Will to Build-a-Bear. It was his first time, but he acted like a professional! He knew exactly what he wanted to make in a matter of seconds. We then went to one of Wills favorite places for dinner, Cafe Rio. We ended our day by going to the Cottonwood vs. Olympus basketball game with the Reams. I do not think Will could have asked for a better day!

I can not even believe how long it has been since I last updated my blog. In fact I am shocked that I even remember how to do it. Who knows if anyone will even read this, because I am sure that everyone has given up on me. I think that I had forgotten how fun blogging was, until I spent the other night doing a little "blog stalking". It was so fun to look at everyones cute families! Life has been great. Will is growing and changing so quickly. He is no longer a baby, but instead "a little man". He makes life so fun, becasue it seems like every day he learns a new trick! I hope to do a better job at keeping my blog up to date, who knows I may even post once a month instead of once every six months!