Hot Dog & Ketchup!

Starting in September Will and I started our search for the perfect Halloween costume.  I knew that there was a good chance that I was going to have Lucy right before the holiday, so I wanted to be well prepared.  We looked on many different web sites and went to some local costume stores to find Will just what he wanted.  He had decided on being a "copter pilot" (helicopter pilot), that is until the Pottery Barn Kids catalog came in the mail.  As soon as he saw the Hot Dog costume his mind was made up!  At first I tried to talk him out of it, but then my wise mom convinced me to let him be a hot dog if that's what he wanted.  From the time we bought the costume Will patiently waited for Halloween to come so he could finally wear it!  Since Lucy did make it here on time to celebrate her first Halloween we thought it would be perfect for her to be the ketchup for the hot dog.  She only lasted for about 5 minutes in her costume, but it worked out perfect for pictures!
We enjoyed 2 days of Halloween fun!  On October 30th Will had his very first Halloween school parade.  It was so much fun to watch him and all of his little friends march around the school, even though most of them had no clue what was going on.  Will is such a lucky little boy because not only were his mom, dad, and sister there to watch him but his meme, grandpa, and aunt Aubree also came.  Later that night my whole family came out to our house to carve pumpkins.  Of course Zach had the best pumpkin.  For the past 2 years his pumpkins have put the rest of ours to shame!

On Halloween Will started his trick-or-treating fun early in the afternoon.  My mom took him to Foothill Village where he was able to get tons of candy.  Then later we went to my parents neighborhood party and then went to the Reams.  Lindsay threw the most amazing party.  She out did herself this time.  She made the best chocolate fondue I have ever had!  Her house was decorated so cute and she made the greatest treat bags for the kids.  This Halloween party was "Martha Stewart" quality!  Thanks Linds!! 


We are so excited for my brother Austin's mission call.  He received his mission call this past Wednesday.  It was kind of a crazy afternoon and evening because we originally thought his call didn't come.  The mail came as usual and his call wasn't there.  We were all disappointed, especially Austin, because we were so excited to see where he was going.  Then at about 8:30 at night my mom called and said he had his call.  The mail man had delivered his call to a neighbor by accident.  Aubree and Zach were at the Jazz game, so as soon as the game was over we all met at my parents house to watch Austin open his call.  It was so exciting and scary at the same time.  Austin was called to serve in Chile, Spanish speaking, and he leaves on January 7th.  We are all so proud of his decision to serve a mission and know that he will do an amazing job!  We love you Austin! 

What a Week!

I know that I am known by many as the worlds worst blogger.  Since I started our blog I have managed to update it about every 6 to 12 months.  Needless to say that is not quite often enough to keep everyone updated on our life!  I am not sure if anyone even checks our blog anymore, but I just had to update considering what an amazing week our family has had!  Since last Sunday (10/26/08) Lucy Elizabeth Drummond has joined our family, my brother Austin received his mission call, and we celebrated Halloween!

Lucy was born on October 26, 2008 at 12:56 p.m.  She weighed 6 lbs. 8 oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long.  I went into labor at about 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning.  I did not want to go to the hospital and be sent home so I decided to wait until the contractions got closer and more regular. Ross and I took Will to my parents and went to the hospital at about 9:00 a.m.  Once we  were at the hospital things moved pretty quickly.  At first they were going to send me home, even though my contractions were only 2-3 minutes apart.  Thank goodness right before they were going to discharge me my water broke, which meant I got to stay.  From there I quickly got my epidural and life was great!  I am so thankful for modern medicine!  Once my doctor arrived I pushed a few times and Lucy was born. 

Last Friday was a big day for Will. We started the day by going to Jessica Lamberts house for a Valentine's party. It was so much fun! We made yummy sugar cookies and had a great lunch. Will had a great time with all of his little friends. The cookies were so good that he couldn't even wait to finish decorating it before he took a big bite! Later that night we took Will to Build-a-Bear. It was his first time, but he acted like a professional! He knew exactly what he wanted to make in a matter of seconds. We then went to one of Wills favorite places for dinner, Cafe Rio. We ended our day by going to the Cottonwood vs. Olympus basketball game with the Reams. I do not think Will could have asked for a better day!

I can not even believe how long it has been since I last updated my blog. In fact I am shocked that I even remember how to do it. Who knows if anyone will even read this, because I am sure that everyone has given up on me. I think that I had forgotten how fun blogging was, until I spent the other night doing a little "blog stalking". It was so fun to look at everyones cute families! Life has been great. Will is growing and changing so quickly. He is no longer a baby, but instead "a little man". He makes life so fun, becasue it seems like every day he learns a new trick! I hope to do a better job at keeping my blog up to date, who knows I may even post once a month instead of once every six months!