Utah Museum of Natural History

Today we went to the Museum of Natural History with my mom, grandma, Mason, and Chance. We had a great time looking at the dinosaur and frog exhibits. After the museum we went to 7-11 and Will got his very first Slurpee. Of course he loved it!

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Let the Good Times Roll! tha...

Ross and Elsha - Will is SO ADORABLE!!! We are excited to start our new adventure with Lance. Hope to see you guys soon. Love, Spence and Katie

Sparks tha...

Will is adorable! I didn't know you had a blog. I havn't seen you at I-med yet and am a little worried you quit. You better not have! That place is crazy!
Love, Molly

Dusti tha...

Found you! I don't care what other people say, I think Will looks just like YOU! He is so cute too! Maybe we can all at least keep in touch with eachother via blogs... our is ondryas gang dot blogspot dot com