We are so excited for my brother Austin's mission call.  He received his mission call this past Wednesday.  It was kind of a crazy afternoon and evening because we originally thought his call didn't come.  The mail came as usual and his call wasn't there.  We were all disappointed, especially Austin, because we were so excited to see where he was going.  Then at about 8:30 at night my mom called and said he had his call.  The mail man had delivered his call to a neighbor by accident.  Aubree and Zach were at the Jazz game, so as soon as the game was over we all met at my parents house to watch Austin open his call.  It was so exciting and scary at the same time.  Austin was called to serve in Chile, Spanish speaking, and he leaves on January 7th.  We are all so proud of his decision to serve a mission and know that he will do an amazing job!  We love you Austin! 

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Tell him it's a COLD mission! My dad's been there and he says it's mighty cold. I lived near Chile (southern Brazil) so I know what it's like. Tell him to take some nice warm clothes!